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Core Services

Perrotto Private Wealth has developed an unequaled service platform created for the evolving needs of affluent families and small business owners. Every step Perrotto Wealth makes is driven by a fiduciary distinction, client-driven service, and personalized solutions. Our view is that the key to securing the success of a financial foundation lies in the seamless, precise and deep unification of all of these aspects of a client's tangled financial world.

Financial  Planning

Our comprehensive financial projections are designed to align with your unique goals and strategies, covering every aspect of your financial landscape. We encourage our clients proactively and continuously by providing preparation and administration in all aspects of their lives, from evaluating present cash flow needs to retirement goals and everything in between. 

Estate & Trust Planning

The most efficient multigenerational and charitable preparation; gifts, contributions, charitable donating, trusts, and foundations should transpire as soon as you have any reasonable assets. We help develop and execute customized strategies that reduce estate taxes, maximize lifetime giving opportunities and shield assets for future generations.

Investment Management

At Perrotto Wealth, our Investment Philosophy is built upon strategic Asset Allocation.  We start by crafting our portfolios through of "Modern Portfolio Theory",  we then use "Dividend discount model" for individual security selection. 
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Insurance & Asset Protection

Protecting our clients’ assets, income and lifestyle require the proper structuring of ownership and insurance protection. We provide an independent evaluation of existing personal and employer-provided insurance coverage and offer appropriate guidance, as well as complex policies that fit your individual needs.

Please note the scope of any financial planning, estate planning, tax planning and consulting services to be provided depends upon the terms of the engagement, and the specific request and needs of the client. Perrotto Private Wealth does not serve as an attorney or accountant. Perrotto Private Wealth does not prepare estate-planning documents.

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