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David J. Perrotto
Founder & Financial Advisor 
  • Perrotto Private Wealth
  • Perrotto Private Wealth
  • Perrotto Private Wealth


David Perrotto

David J. Perrotto founded Perrotto Private Wealth in 2011, in New York City, with the goal of being a firm that control’s its own destiny, one that remains independent from any bank, brokerage firm, or insurance company. With over a decade in the financial industry and with his own private practice, Dave has extensive experience with financially successful families, nonprofits, and small business owners, as well as their dependents in all areas of finance.


Client’s work with him for his unique skill set of being straightforward, endearing, and experienced on the complexities his clients encounter as they try to reach their financial goals while being a fiduciary and their personal CFO. Once he takes a client on, he becomes a friend, mentor, and partner. As his client’s goals and situations change, Dave will be there every step of the way, giving comprehensive, integrated financial advice that is proactive, impartial, objective, and continuously applied. His vision is to prepare clients for retirement, build their financial foundation, and help them think long-term; How to continue to build wealth with interest and dividend-paying vehicles that generate income, capitalize on all areas of protection, such as Life/Disability insurance, while stretching their dollars as far as they can, by using tax bracket management, and passing their assets to their heir’s/estate/charity, as efficiently as possible. What is most important to Perrotto Wealth is making sure client's feel they have a safe and secure future. 


David is an avid attendee of concerts, theatre, and financial symposiums. He also enjoys traveling the world, experiencing different cultures, photography, and loves anything animal welfare related. David is supported by his beautiful spouse Christina and his beloved Mini Aussie – Piper – who on occasion, has been seen at more than a few client meetings.

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