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Speciality Services

In addition to families and small business owners, Perrotto Private Wealth offers a robust investment platform for several niche industries. 

Understanding the uncommon investment objectives, hazards, time horizons and related budget projections for nonprofit and other specific situations requires an expertise that can only be acquired from years of experience.

Perrotto Private Wealth's experience of comprehensive wealth approach allows us to offer more than the simplistic approach of merely growing your foundations capital; we are able to address precise cash flow and budgeting limitations and possibilities.

Our services for Endowments, Foundations, and Nonprofit Organizations include:

Review of policy documents

Develop, review and monitor investment policy statements

Asset allocation and portfolio construction

Active participation in board meetings

Ongoing monitoring and due diligence of all investment managers

Non Profits & Foundations

For most people divorce is an unfamiliar area that requires an enormous amount of time, energy and a well-defined knowledge of the financial perspectives surrounding each decision that must be made.


We assist our clients through this challenging phase of their lives by offering the necessary financial knowledge, comfort, and planning required to pilot the intricate long-term implications surrounding divorce.

Our Services For Divorce Support  Include: 

Recommending strategies to the attorney for eliminating or minimizing taxes on assets

Educate the attorney about tax matters while helping protect our client's post-divorce budget. 


Keeping things in perspective

Divorce Planning & Support

Perrotto Private Wealth's stature is built on our long-term commitment to the financial planning process, our focus on the real estate profession and their individual needs, and competent financial management.
We seek to uphold the highest standards of objectivity and ethical behavior.  Our real estate agent's come from all walks of life, different areas of the world, and represent all ages. What they share is the realization that they can and should coordinate today’s financial decisions in order to realize the best tomorrow has to offer.
We help our clients reach their lifestyle goals by assisting them in the evaluation and proper management of their financial resources.

Real Estate Agents 

Please note the scope of any financial planning, estate planning, tax planning and consulting services to be provided depends upon the terms of the engagement, and the specific request and needs of the client. Perrotto Private Wealth does not serve as an attorney or accountant. Perrotto Private Wealth does not prepare estate-planning documents.

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