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Non-Profit Wealth Management 

The Sustainability of your organization is an important part of a thriving society.


         With millions of people around the world benefiting from various non-profit organizations, the challenging operational and financial needs of these organizations are as demanding as ever and are frequently changing. Meeting the objectives of such organizations is often times a daunting task to take on. We Strive to ease this burden on organizations so that they can do what they do best: help those who need it most. We are committed to understanding the goals of your organization and working with you as a trusted partner to ensure you pursue your financial objectives to secure the future of your organization. 


Our process is incredibly detailed and beings with a strategic evaluation. We work with your organization to understand your objections and establish financial goals. From there we design an investment policy statement that complements the financial goal of the organization. From there we manage the assets adhering to the investment policy statement. 


We give real-time monitoring of the assets, and also work with you if you want anything such as check writing, debit card, or a non-purpose loan against the assets. We are proactive with communication, and keep the board and committee informed of market changes that may impact the portfolio.


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